Balkans Calling – Voices from the Region

is a podcast exploring the academic landscape of Southeastern Europe.

Through instructive interviews with specialists from the region, it provides compelling insights, making new research accessible to a broad (also non-academic) audience. Regular listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of this very interesting part of Europe.

Episode 05. Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković

Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković (Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy for Sciences and Arts) takes us on a journey through her research into the linguistic vitality of the Vlach, Boyash and Roma communities and the most pressing issues they face, including societal stigmatisation and the intellectual minefield of language standardisation. Along the way, we pause and examine the Linguistic Landscape – the language(s) visible in the public space – and the thorny issues of recognition and prestige which abound there. Finally, we touch on how Serbian society views multilingualism more broadly. Come along and explore multilingualism from this fresh and exciting angle!

An interview by Jack Broughton.

Our podcast recommendation this month: Minority Languages and their Reception in Germany from the Centre for Minorities Research Podcast

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Episode 04. Daniela Koleva

Dive into this captivating episode featuring Daniela Koleva, professor of oral history and memory culture at the Department of History and Theory of Culture at Sofia University. She elaborates on the power and relevance of oral history as a data collection method, and the crucial role played by biographical interviews in the popularisation of public history, particularly relevant in the aftermath of Bulgaria’s transition away from Communism in 1990. Daniela also shares her insights into Bulgaria’s demographic transformation and the challenges posed to this young democracy by an aging society. Tune in and take a journey through her fascinating approaches to memory culture!

An interview by Ger Duijzings.

Our podcast recommendation this month: Demographic Decline: The Pitfalls of Aging Societies from Global Get Down – A Global Affairs Podcast by IRSA

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Episode 03. Sehnsuchtsort Heimat

In dieser Episode geht es um die Perspektive postmigrantischer Menschen aus Südosteuropa auf ihr Herkunftsland und Fragen der Identität, Zugehörigkeit, und Heimat. Wir sprechen über Migration, Sommerurlaub im Herkunftsland und darüber, ob eine Rückkehr dorthin vorstellbar wäre. Als Gästinnen teilen Dimitra und Gresa ihre Erfahrungen.

Ein Interview von Katalin Kósza.

Unsere Podcastempfehlung diesen Monat: Brain Drain und Brain Gain: MIGRATIONSFORSCHUNG mit Dr. Kathleen Beger von Gasthörer – der Wissenschaftspodcast der Uni Regensburg

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Episode 02. Katarina Damčević

In this episode, join us for a compelling discussion with Katarina Damčević, an expert in linguistics and semiotics. We explore the power of language in shaping perceptions, delve into the role of signs and symbols in communication—particularly in combating hate speech—and examine Croatia’s memory culture. Katarina also provides valuable advice for young scholars navigating the world of academic writing. Tune in for a thought-provoking exploration of language, symbols, and cultural memory.

An interview by Aleksandra Salamurović.

Our podcast recommendation this month: Ep. #214 – Govor mržnje from Bliski susreti jezične vrste

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Episode 01. Vjeran Pavlaković

Ready to go on a journey from art and hiking to monument and memory culture research? Curious about the “cultural turn” in history, “slow memory,” and “dark tourism”? Tune into our podcast for an insightful discussion on these topics with Professor Vjeran Pavlaković from the University of Rijeka!

An interview by Ger Duijzings.

Our podcast recommendation this month: On memory and monuments with guest speaker Prof. Patrizia Violi from The Connecting Memories Podcast by Paul Leworthy

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Episode 00. Introduction

In our inaugural episode, we set the stage for an exploration like no other, delving into the untold stories and unique perspectives that define the Balkans. From the Adriatic to the Black Sea, “Balkans Calling” serves as a sonic bridge, connecting you with the voices that shape the region’s history, politics, arts, and everyday life. Expect compelling interviews with thought leaders, artists, historians, and everyday people who call the Balkans home. We’ll delve into topics ranging from cultural heritage and socio-political dynamics to the region’s contemporary arts scene. As we navigate this fascinating landscape, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the complexities that make the Balkans a mosaic of identities and narratives.

Tune in every last Friday of the month and become part of the conversation. “Balkans Calling” is more than a podcast; it’s a cultural odyssey that beckons you to explore the depth and diversity of the Balkan experience.

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