Knowledge transfer

Public engagement and knowledge transfer are an essential task of Area Studies. For us, a key responsibility is to share our knowledge, informing politicians and decision makers, other stakeholders and multiple other audiences. This is of the highest relevance in the context of ongoing processes of European integration and EU enlargement.

We have long-established contacts with a wide range of representatives in the world of cultural diplomacy. We intend to continue these collaborations through modes of transfer, some of them in place already, others new. Our aim is to offer expertise to policy makers and multiple audiences, from the local to the European level, fostering a better understanding of and cultural sensitivity towards the region.

We will organise joint public events with our local and international partners. In Germany, one of our key partners is the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft (SOG), which offers a host of such activities and supports junior scholars. We regularly do joint events with them, enhancing our outreach and dissemination, but also with other local partners such as the contemporary art organisation Donumenta and the Volkshochschule (Adult Education College). Over the duration of the seeFField project, we will organise one policy seminar at the European level, in cooperation with the Center for Southeast European Studies in Graz and the European Office of the Leibniz Association in Brussels. 

To increase our public outreach, one priority will be to collaborate with journalists from the region as well as those from Germany and Western Europe working in and reporting on the region. They will be invited to give high-profile public lectures in Regensburg, and teach journalistic skills. Videos of events (talks, lectures, round tables, and the like) as well as interviews with invited researchers and journalists will be made available online, through a YouTube channel and an audio podcast section on the student-led blog. We will enhance the visibility of our project activities through social media, particularly reaching young audiences. 

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