International and domestic cooperation

Regensburg has an extensive partner network, which we will continue to strengthen with new partnerships in the region and beyond (including Russia, Turkey and China). We will regularly meet and reflect on trends and future prospects of our field of studies, through the Biennial Southeast European Studies Forum, an Online Research Platform, and other joint academic events.

Our key priority is to foster cooperation with institutions in Southeastern Europe and other countries or regions in the world, exemplifying the geographical breadth of our interest. Each partner contributes with expert knowledge, competences, and networks, from which the others can benefit. While university partners may provide Southeast European Studies programmes and courses in disciplines that are not taught elsewhere, research institutes may offer attractive visiting fellowship programmes. Our key partners in Germany are the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft (SOG), the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. For the list of current partners see the PARTNERS page.

Every two years, starting in 2023, we organise the biennial Southeast European Studies Forum to meet and reflect about key trends and future prospects of Southeast European Studies. We envisage an open-format retreat to engage with conceptual and methodological questions, probe innovative ideas for research and forms of cooperation. This will provide a ‘safe’ space for exploring new approaches not yet tried and tested. Forums will be organised in Regensburg and in the region together with local partners. Meetings like these will foster a culture of multi-lateral links across the region.

Building on our pilot Regensburg & Rijeka Lectures Series (held since 2020), we will open up this online research platform to other partners. The intention is to create a regular and international online seminar to present and discuss ongoing research projects amongst all partners. Partner institutions will be able to showcase their activities and find opportunities for future cooperation. Meetings are open to the general public as part of our outreach. We solicit contributions focusing particularly on the entanglements of Southeastern Europe with other regions.

Articles on the topic

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